Montag, 1. Januar 2018

Our Ostrich are sitting on 17 Eggs since the 20th of November.

Today, December 30th, we managed to take a closer look at the “proceedings:


The female got up when I put her food down.

Then she did an “inventory” and checked the eggs.
Interesting, both females take their term on the nest during the day. 

She tries to sit down again, but there seems to be a “hick ups”.   

A second check and a real close look at what seems to be the problem.

Then she found the right position and starts the “warm-up”.
At +/- 2.30 pm the male (in the middle) will come. Then they change places, and he will sit on the eggs until sun-rise next morning!

The chicks should hatch in about a week from now.